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Dateline: 2012
Eastern Shore Salmon Farms - What's the Issue?
(Meeting in Sheet Harbour, Monday February 6, 6:00 pm)
Open pen fish farms such as the three salmon facilities currently proposed for the Eastern Shore are causing quite a stir. Those opposed cite environmental disasters from experience. In other parts of the country, legal battles are still being fought between fishermen, who have lost their livelihood and the aquaculture industry who purportedly contaminated fishing grounds. The industry supports new technology that prevents such destruction to the environment. Weigh in on the issue here, with links both for and against. Read up and take our poll!


Scotian Windfields
- a Maritime wind energy developer submits their Energy Strategy and Climate Change Action Plan to the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. The focus of this submission is that the renewable energy resources in Nova Scotia could supply 100% of the province’s energy needs. The Scotian WindFields’ submission provides recommendations which are low-cost to no-cost to both the government and to energy consumers.
Read more ...

Saving Sanctuary - A tale of two sanctuaries, two authors and two journeys, one year apart. Find out what happens when greed wins out over common sense in Nova Scotia's 'protected' wilderness areas. Read more...

Water, Water Everywhere, Not Enough to Eat!
Climate change and water shortages around the world are linked. Here in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, we somewhat selfconsciously congratulate ourselves on the possible side effects of global warming: longer, warmer, drier summers. It's a fool's paradise. Global warming and the shortage of fresh water is going to affect us in serious ways. Read the paper produced by Lester Brown, President of the Earth Policy Institute, titled: "Wakeup Call on the Food Front".

Canada Gets Serious On Climate Change
The Canadian Government has announced programs worth one billion dollars in an effort to bring the country closer to meeting its Kyoto target. Some of these programs will make it easier for home owners to reduce their energy consumption. read more..

Climate Change Caravan 2001 In Nova Scotia
Thirty participants of the cross Canada Climate Change Caravan made their way through Nova Scotia on the final leg of their five-month journey.

Nova Scotia Wildlife Festival 2001
Dates: Mid-September
Theme: Habitat Preservation
Location: Fisherman's Cove, Eastern Passage
The main objective of this event, the only 'wildlife festival' held in the Atlantic Provinces, is to create an awareness and appreciation for the natural world around us and the people helping to protect it -- to celebrate our natural heritage in a way that brings it directly to the communities of Nova Scotia through music, art, nature hikes, boat tours, lectures and demonstrations. ... read more.

Tourism Industry calls for a suspension on logging (2001)
The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) calls for a suspension of logging and road building in the proposed Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area to allow the Department of the Environment and Labour to complete a Wilderness Area Assessment. Read details...

"It is not that they cannot see the solution.
It is that they cannot see the problem."


(scenario #3,
Taking Care of Business

Not a Pretty Sight
As clearcutting of our forests becomes ever more evident to the casual traveller, Nova Scotia tourism interests are worried that visitors will stay away.

CBC Interview with Dave Harris
On Friday September 1, 2000, Mr. Harris, chair of the Eastern region IRM planning team, responded to questions by the host of CBC's Maritime Noon about the DNR's plans for Nova Scotia Crown Land protected areas. Here are some exerpts of that interview.

Clearcutting Our Forests
Tourism joins the ranks of those recognizing that this issue concerns everyone.

A series of picnics
People meet on clearcut lands to draw attention to the effects of clearcutting in Nova Scotia forests.

A Call for Action
A call to protect and preserve our natural forests. With links to in-depth information on the issues.

The National Forum on Climate Change
A declaration.

Ecoforestry Institute Society of Canada

A website about ecoforestry in BC.

Eastern Shore Forest Watch

The Eastern Shore Forest Watch is a group of concerned citizens who support a vision of sustainable forest practices that bears in mind that humans are but one of hundreds of species in any region, each of which is important in its own right as an integral part of the ecological web.

Friends of Point Pleasant Park

A good website relating to the devastation going on.

Integrated Resource Management

This is the ecology action center's IRM web site

Low Impact Forestry

This extensive website is part of a collaborative project of the New Brunswick Conservation Council and the Federation of Woodlot Owners to extend the reach of low impact forestry onto Crown lands and to a greater number of private woodlots.

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is a non-government, charitable, conservation organization dedicated to protecting significant natural areas on private land in Nova Scotia.

Old Growth Forests

The Eastern Old Growth Clearinghouse is an organization dedicated to preserving old growth forests in Eastern North America.


Tobeatic Wilderness Committee

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Related Features


The Ecology Action Center
A site that documents the effects of clearcutting, with links to resources.

Sierra Club of Canada, Atlantic Region
addresses issues ranging from climate change and ozone depletion to toxic chemical contamination and loss of biological diversity. Why not join them and Take Action?

Clean Nova Scotia
Clean Nova Scotia is a non-profit environmental education organization with a focus on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and climate change education.

Atlantic Region Green Lane
A guide to the wildlife of the Nova Scotia area with sections on pollution, conservation, climate, wildlife, research, and laws. Published by Environment Canada.

"If you donít change course,
youíll end up where youíre headed."

Ancient Chinese Proverb.


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now". Chinese Proverb
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The planet Earth does not need our help, it will prevail. What we need to save is our own future and that of our children.

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