Nova Scotia's Seacoast Trail

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Atlantic Canada's Top 10 Free Garden Catalogues
East Coast gardens enjoy a balmy coastal climate, salty air and prevailing offshore wind. Here's where to get your free garden catalogues with links to other unique Canadian garden sites.

What Happened to Nova Scotia's Caribou?
Did you know that large herds of caribou once roamed Nova Scotia? If you think you know what happened to them, take our forum poll, then read the answer here.

Another Perfect Storm
A 'perfect storm' much like the monster that sunk the Andrea Gail on October 28, 1991, created havoc in NE Nova Scotia and PEI, after three unique storm fronts converged on November 8, 2001. The convergence created a 'storm bomb' that wiped out part of the Canso Causeway, and plunged the Eastern Shore into darkness. Read about "The (original) 'Perfect Storm'.

Autumn Leaf Watch on Marine Drive
Nova Scotia's beautiful Eastern Shore offers some of the most spectacular colours in the province. Here are the best viewing spots to take in the show by car, bike or on one of the many hiking trails. Read more...

Coastal Adventures Sea Kayaking
Offering 1-10 day adventure tours for 19 years, Coastal Adventures of Tangier is Nova Scotia's most experienced sea kayaking operation.

Ecum Secum Beachcombing Tours - Ecotourism is on the increase on the Eastern Shore, with more and more visitors exploring our wonderful coastline - hiking, biking, canoeing, sea kayaking, and good old fashioned beachcombing.

Musquodoboit Goes Mainstream
Here's an interesting article from the Adventure Hogg as he walks the new Trail in Musquodoboit Harbour. Matthew Hogg is worried that the latest upgrades leave all the bushwacking fun behind in exchange for easy walking convenience.

Musquodoboit Trailways Ass'n Take a cyber tour of the Musquie Trail with descriptions, pics and more!

More Eastern Shore Trails
Here's an interactive map from Trails Nova Scotia. Simply click on the area of the province, Highway 7 for example, that you want to hike and get your boots on!

Get a good Bite on Summer
Some effective strategies for dealing with the itch and discomfort of insect bites.

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The Perfect Storm
Here is the story of the Andrea Gail complete with extensive links to other sources and reports about this monumental storm.

Beachcombing the Atlantic Coast
Through 150 detailed b&w illustrations and the author's insight, this field guide describes a beachcomber's bounty of sea sponges, jellyfish, worms, shells, fish, mammals, birds, seaweed, flowering plants--and tells you where to find them.

Outdoors Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia's online, outdoor magazine. Helping you explore the great outdoors. News, events, features, special destinations, outdoor properties, outdoor gear and equipment, The Outdoor Directory and alot more.

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
Discover the natural wonders of Canada's east coast with the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History Butterflies North and South

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust
Works with private landowners to protect and conserve significant natural areas throughout the province.

"If you donít change course,
youíll end up where youíre headed."

Ancient Chinese Proverb.

Here is a growing list of links to resources on nature and the environment.



"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now". Chinese Proverb
Order Customized Tree Seedling Favors for Your 2017 Wedding or Corporate Event
Valentine Weddings, Earth Day!

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
(First Nations)
The Meek shall inherit the earth.... after we're through with it.

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