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Welcome to the new Highway 7 e-zine.  


At Hatch Media, we are thrilled to be working on this online publishing initiative with Novacan. Highway 7 for one partner, is a return home. 

Gail Martin is originally from the Eastern Shore and is planning to, in her words, 'retread' there.
"'Retired' contains a root word that I try to keep out of my vocabulary. My mother's been 'retired' for 20 years and she's the busiest woman I know. To 'retread' means to be rejuvenated, to take fresh steps, to change direction -- to start a new path."

Martin, with a background in entrepreneurship and traditional publishing, holds an Honours English degree, and is a past teacher of English as a Second Language, Martin has also taught university English 100 and Creative Writing and been involved in several traditional publishing ventures. Gail Martin brings her editorial skills and 'since the web was born' expertise to Highway 7.

To her, Highway 7 is a natural fit and will work well with a recent online publishing effort at the now closed Halifax City Site at

Jurgen Teuwen, partner and owner of Novacan Information Services comes back to Highway 7 after a brief absence. Jurgen was the founder of Highway 7 in 1996. As Jurgen conceived it, the format of Highway7 e-zine was one of the very first internet realizations of an electronic news and general interest publication supported by advertising.

Through his web development and programming firm Novacan Information Services, now Hatch Media, Highway 7 grew to an online magazine of over 400 articles and thousands of photographs. "These articles are a real collection. They describe what it's like to live along the Eastern Shore, but more than that, they're about the people who make Highway 7 a community."

"That's what Highway 7 e-zine represents and why these stories have to remain accessible to readers. It's about people facing and dealing with the change of progress in all the small communities everywhere. Didn't someone say, 'from our past, grows our future'? That describes Highway 7. "

Lucky for us, Jurgen feels this way, and that he has the programming skills to rebuild the 'site architecture', as its called in I.T. jargon.

We are pleased to announce that all of the articles from past issues of Highway 7 are being reorganized and archived, and will all be available soon.

You will find them, listed according to subjects, on the left hand side of every Highway 7 page. If you know what you're looking for it's easy. If not, try out our nifty Highway 7 search tool on the home page at

Try keywords like lobster, Sable Island, painter, scarecrows or pick a community on Highway 7 and see if it's mentioned. If not, let us know. We'd love to hear about what is special about your own little corner of Highway 7. Write to us

To stay in touch with the latest archive, new articles, and what's happening on Highway 7, subscribe to our newsletter. Just send an email to: news @ and add the word 'subscribe' to the subject line.

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Highway7 E-zine, a publication of Hatch Media, is an electronic journal with a focus on commercial, historical, cultural and ecological issues concerning the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia in Canada. Topics include a growing resource of currently more than 300 articles. More articles and image galleries are added frequently as new material is brought to our attention. With, our primary aim is to serve, inform and reflect the rural communities on the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia, as well as to acquaint new residents, visitors, tourists, and investors with the special beauty and enormous potential of our region.
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