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Fish Farming on the Eastern Shore
February 2012 - Salmon open pen fish farming could be coming to the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Here is a link to more information. more....

New 1.5 MW Wind Turbine Erected in Watt Section
March 2011 - The 2nd large scale wind turbine for the Eastern Shore has been erected just east of Sheet Harbour, offering residents an opportunity to invest through a Community Development Investment Fund. More...

Energy after 9/11
The tragic terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and the subsequent military response, have raised thorny questions about U.S. energy policy. How might continued heavy reliance on imported Middle Eastern petroleum complicate American efforts to eradicate terrorism from the region? Are nuclear power plants potential targets of future terrorist attacks? What does this mean for the future of energy in North America and the rest of the world?

Read the commentary by WorldWatch Research Associate, Seth Dunn. There are implications that should be considered in light of Nova Scotia's current involvement with offshore oil and gas development.

Who Has Seen the Wind?
You've heard about it, read about it and wondered how it can work for you. Here's a feature article on the renewable power of wind that won't answer all your questions, but it will have you asking more. Read "Who Has Seen the Wind?" by guest author and Eastern Shore resident Phil Thompson.

Kim Thompson's Straw Bale House
Read about the house that's tight and comfy - and it's fire retardent. A straw house "burns like a phonebook", according to Kim. Here is her story of "The Ship Harbour Straw House Fire". With photos!

GPI Atlantic (Genuine Progress Indicator) Report
The Nova Scotia GPI Atlantic institute has released a new report on forestry in Nova Scotia that makes a well documented case for sustainable forest management. It asks how much our forests are worth and recommends that we stop 'living off our capital' and start 'maximizing the interest' for sustained yields for future generations.

Sheet Harbour Sustainability
While Sheet Harbour is still poised to catch some of the spin-offs from the Sable Offshore Energy Project, the town is also home to Dewdrop Gardens, the first commercial hydroponic farming enterprise in Canada and a feather in Sheet Harbour's sustainability cap for a future following the 25 year offshore oil boom. Read Coastal Community Network's feature, 'Gas and Tomatoes'

Nova Scotia's New Energy Strategy - The last public workshop was held in Bridgewater on June 7th 2001, but its not too late to speak your mind about the impact of the Sable Island Energy Project on our future. Fishing? Goldboro/Country Harbour? Environment? The role of coal? Renewables? What do Nova Scotians want from this short-term bonanza? In "Powering Nova Scotia's Economy", read what others have recommended (Adobe reader required).

Waterfront Development Plan for Sheet Harbour
The community of Sheet Harbour has plans to make its town attractive to visitors.

Update Waterfront Development Plan Gets Funding  

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Wind Power in Rural Communities
Learn what rural communities are doing south of the border to capitalize on rising oil prices with 100% clean energy

Quo Vadis? - A thought provoking look back at the next 50 years.
The Department of Natural Resources Canada sponsors a virtual conference under the title "ENERGY TECHNOLOGY FUTURES". Within a framework of four possible scenarios, focus groups explore the probable effects of policy decisions on the future development of our society.
(the following links open a new window on your desktop)
Scenario #1, "Life Goes On"
Scenario #2, "Grasping At Straws"
Scenario #3, "Taking Care of Business"
Scenario #4, "Come Together"

The Ecology Action Center
A site that documents the effects of clearcutting, with links to resources.

Sierra Club of Canada, Atlantic Region
addresses issues ranging from climate change and ozone depletion to toxic chemical contamination and loss of biological diversity. Why not join them and Take Action?

Clean Nova Scotia
Clean Nova Scotia is a non-profit environmental education organization with a focus on waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and climate change education.

Atlantic Region Green Lane
A guide to the wildlife of the Nova Scotia area with sections on pollution, conservation, climate, wildlife, research, and laws. Published by Environment Canada.

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