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    A Nova Scotia Christmas 
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What's green, shipped to your door, and turns red after arrival? If you said a Christmas tree before and after the festivities, you would be right. Anybody who can't bear to take down the tree before January 15 can attest to that.

In this case however, I'm referring to live Atlantic lobster. It arrives wearing the deep green of the Atlantic and turns red as soon as its popped into the pot. Nova Scotia Lobsters - Photo courtesy Salmonriverhouse Lobster Shack

Nostalgia and a yearning to be home for the holidays prompts thousands of Nova Scotians living 'away' to purchase about 4000 tons of the prehistoric looking critters. On Christmas Eve across the land, Maritimers everywhere gather for a good old-fashioned lobster boil, music from the coast, and probably a few bottles of Schooner beer or a dash or two of Captain Morgan's rum. Christmas Eve lobster boils are a new tradition, born of the the post-war exodus of Nova Scotians who have established Maritime communities in far flung places like Fort McMurray, Alberta, 'Upper Canada', and the 'Boston States'.

According to Halifax International Airport, in the few short weeks prior to Christmas, boxes of soon-to-be airborne crustaceans are piled high in the hangar awaiting take-off. Their destination will be office parties, hotels and restaurants, retail chains and seafood stores, and of course, as the big day approaches and relatives start arriving, the homes of lobster lovers everywhere.

Be sure to check the sidebar to the right (above) for cooking and eating tips, a live lobster cam, and a picture of a rare brilliant blue lobster. Don't worry, the last I heard, "Bluenose" is alive and well and living at The Fish Basket in Eastern Passage.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.


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