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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a variety of Internet access options in Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding areas. Includes dial up access, ISDN, ADSL and "The Wave" cable access with cost options to suit everyone.

index of links

Auracom Internet Services
Recently merged with Ziplink Canada, with its head offices in Maine, Auracom provides access for South Shore residents.

Chebucto Community Net
CCN has had its ups and downs, service wise, like most community based ISPs, but it is a reasonable choice for those who wish access but can't afford the extra month billing. A dialup access provider.

Eastlink (Cable)
High speed cable access is available in many areas. Call to check your address here.

Free Web Nova Scotia
This site offers free Internet access, free e-mail, ftp and newsgroups, with no setup fees or monthly charges, ever.

Kayhay Internet
A new website and new pricing structure reward users of Kayhay Internet Communications.

Some of Kwiklink's features include a web-based e-mail service and Advantage 2000, a customer rewards program.

Maritime Telecommunications Network
Providing satellite data and video transmission for cruise ships, military and the offshore oil industry, MTN has brought the cost of being wired at sea to an affordable level.

MTT's Sympatico
The MT&T site of national service provider Sympatico, now part of the Aliant maritime telco group. Instant access for universities provided through its MTTU program.

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