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cog-ni'-to (adv) pertaining to knowledge, that which is known or perceived; that which is visible -
- see "Cognitum Non"- The Cartesian Crow

**Newsflash** - March 10, 2001- The Scarecrows of Necum Teuch have declared the first Saturday in July as "National Scarecrow Day". In a press release issued by "Aunt Mary", the matriarch of the NT Scarecrow clan, other scarecrows have one week to contest or refute the declaration. National Scarecrow Day this year will be held on Saturday, July 7, 2001.

The Scarecrows of Necum Teuch
( Originally Written by Gail Martin for Highway 7 - May, 1997)
Scare Crows of Necum Teuch
On Hwy #7 in the Bay of Islands region, there is a village that is rarely mentioned in the tourism publications. About 30 miles east of Sheet Harbour, Necum Teuch nestles between Moser River and Ecum Secum.

A few houses past the Necum Teuch road sign, a white house stands close to the highway.

Slow down or you'll miss the Scarecrows of Necum Teuch! Scattered around the house, in the garden, and down into the swamp, even in the parking area, are the delightful scarecrow creations of Angella Geddes.

Aunt Mary and Captain Smith, Kelvin Lovely, Miss Marie Marlene, a 'scary' Swamp Soggin, the Shadow People and all the others are waiting for you.

Stop by for a spell and meet Angella, the creator of "The Scarecrows of Necum Teuch". Since Angella first lovingly recreated her late father's annual garden scarecrow in 1988, the 'gathering' has grown in number and become quite famous.

"The scarecrows are meant for silly, light-hearted fun. We all need a little of that in our lives"
- Angella Geddes

Angella immortalized her scarecrows in 1996 when she published her first childrens' book "The Scarecrows of Necum Teuch" (Nimbus Publishing, 1996). Since then, she has published several more books that continue the storytelling traditions of an earlier era on the Eastern Shore.

The scarecrows have also been featured on radio and on television. Wayne Ronstadt featured the unique characters on his popular show, "On the Road Again", sharing them with the rest of Canada.

"The Scarecrows of Necum Teuch" introduces each scarecrow and tells his (or her) story. It also includes a Scarecrow Game, instructions on how to make your own scarecrow, and a recipe for Kartoffel, Aunt Mary's "unspeakable" soup!

It also tells the legend of an "ugly, selfish creature called a Swamp Soggon" who became angry one day and turned - "almost everyone-in Necum Teuch into scarecrows".

Is it true? Perhaps you'll meet some of the survivors, if you stop for a bit along this stretch of Highway 7. Maybe you'll even meet the "Swamp Soggon" yourself, and stay forever in this idyllic little village on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore. Life could be worse.

Where to Buy the Scarecrow Books

"The Scarecrows of Necum Teuch" , "Necum Teuch Notes" and many more, are available from most bookstores in the province, or order direct from:
Angella Geddes
Necum Teuch, Nova Scotia
B0J 2K0
(902) 347-2445

©Highway 7 Ezine
© 2001


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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.


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