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Bay of Islands Vacations
At the head of Necum Teuch Bay at the Moser River estuary, hidden coves, spectacular beaches, sparkling lakes and room to roam.
Bay of Islands, Marine Drive, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia.

Aerial View and Map
The Prospector's Cottage


Located on Nova Scotia's "Golden Coast" at the head of Necum Teuch Bay, the Prospector's Cottage is only a few steps from beautiful Moser River where walking trails, canoe and kayak routes invite you to explore the rich history and natural attractions of the region.

Those who look closely will discover traces of days gone by - a century farm, a large water driven lumber mill, and a forge operated next door, currently the headquarters for the Bay of Islands Center project for Sustainable Economic Development.


Here is a map of Necum Teuch Bay and Moser River in the Bay of Islands region, Marine Drive/Highway 7. Whether you enjoy canoeing, kayaking or hiking almost forgotten trails through Acadian forest and autumn foliage, you'll find it here.

The Prospector's home is marked with an arrow. (Can you see it?)

Click on the map on the left to see a full size view.





The house is completely furnished and equipped.
Interenet and fax are available.

For further information, please contact:

Bay of Islands Trail Stop
Moser River, Nova Scotia

Gail Martin & Jurgen Teuwen
phone: 1 902 347 2602

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Marine Drive, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia, Canada.


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